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It’s 2020! Our top gift suggestion is the hot accessory everyone is wearing… A mask!

Masks are a great gift because they come in a variety of styles and fit every budget, and nowadays they are something that everyone can use.

Sassy Statement Masks

Perfect for that bold friend in your life. These masks have funny phrases across them so your mask can do the talking!

One of our favourites is one of our shadiest. It may not be polite to swear at people who get too close, but wearing a mask that says ‘6 Feet Back Motherfucker’ will do the trick just as well! Definitely be sure to give that one to someone with a great sense of humour!

This ‘I Will Cut You’ mask is a cute one to give to any friends who are hairdressers! That said, even if they aren’t, it’s still a great phrase that any who has a twisted sense of comedy will think is funny.

sassy saying 6 feet back fashion mask

Elegant, Glamorous Fashion Masks

Super glam, high fashion masks are perfect for your stylish friends and coworkers. Not sure who this might be a good gift for? Well, think of your friends and coworkers… If someone comes to mind whose style icon is Lady Gaga, or who always stands out in a crowd, then these masks are perfect for them!

This intricate embellished brocade and velvet mask is one of the most unique masks in our store because of textured brocade and unique fabrics. If someone’s fashion is louder and super fabulous, then kick up the glam and gift this blinged out rhinestone mask.

Glamourous brocade fashion mask

Gothic Fashion Masks

For the person in your life whose wardrobe is mostly black and loves Halloween just a little bit more than the rest of us! Gothic clothing is one of our specialties, so we have a multitude of masks in this style for you. A cute mask with a Ouija board print is a fun accessory, or go for a more elegant gothic style with a red and black skull damask fabric mask.

Ouija Mask Edmonton

Crazy Colourful Masks

Bright colourful masks in loud prints are perfect for all your friends who are creative free spirits! Chances are if you know a bubbly, outgoing person who loves dancing, mermaids, and being the life of the party, then these masks are for them!

One of our craziest prints is a bright purple galaxy print with cat faces, and we have it with dog faces too! It’s super fun, unique, and sure to turn heads. Our most colourful, sparkly mask is this iridescent rainbow sequined mask– so beautiful that ravers and burners may want to wear it even after Covid is history!

Sequin mermaid unicorn fashion mask

You can view all our masks here!

We are one of Edmonton’s best places to shop for a unique gift this holiday season! Romantic gifts, crazy gifts, and quirky gifts for any budget are available in store and online. Our staff are happy to help you if you’d like any suggestions, but to get things started, we’ve narrowed down out top picks for Christmas gifts this year!

Stay tuned as we post even more gift ideas from Nightshade in the next few weeks!