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Nightshade Corsets is for people who are unapologetically themselves

We are proud to be a Canadian business that helps people express themselves with fun, sexy, and unique clothing, lingerie and accessories.

We truly believe that dressing up makes people feel great and boosts their confidence, and that everyone deserves to feel that, no matter their age, size or gender.


Our Mission

Nightshade Corsets is all about giving women, men, and everyone in between a place to find clothing as unique as them! We make a great effort to bring in a myriad of fashion styles, including goth, rave, and fetish clothing. We strive to be the go-to shop for anyone who wants to look more than ordinary to explore their style.

We’re here to enrich our community and the lives of others with alternative fashion and expression! Our goal is to make everyone who shops with us feel beautiful, sexy, and proud of how they look.

Everyone is Welcome
And we mean it. The only people we turn away are close minded jerks! We welcome everyone into our store, and all we ask is that they have the same open-minded, accepting attitude that we do. Hateful attitudes or bigoted comments are not welcome.

Big is Beautiful!
We strongly believe that beauty doesn’t have a size, and support body positivity. With that in mind, we make a special effort to find manufacturers who make fun, sexy and stylish clothing and lingerie in extended size ranges. If you come into one of our stores, our staff will do their best to help you find what you’re looking for- or if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, are happy to offer suggestions if you’d like a helpful shopping experience! We love nothing more than to help make our customers feel beautiful.

Nightshade recognizes that gender is fluid, and that it means different things to different people. As long we have it in your size, you’re welcome to try on any clothing you’d like without worry! We would like to note that although we carry a variety of items for cross dressers, we fully understand that crossdressers and trans people are NOT the same. Some items for crossdressers may be useful to those wishing to explore their gender identity though, and we will respectfully help anyone interested in these items. And if you have a preferred pronoun, please let us know!

Sex Positive
We welcome dancers and sex workers! We are also Edmonton’s best shop for fetish wear, and the only place in the city that carries latex clothing and lingerie. As a friendly reminder though, although we are a sex positive business, please don’t do anything you’d be ashamed to tell your mother about while in our store. (Oh, we have stories!)

Treaty 6 Territory
We respectfully acknowledge that we are on Treaty 6 territory, a traditional meeting grounds, gathering place, and travelling route to the Cree, Saulteaux, Blackfoot, Dene, Nakota Sioux, and Métis peoples. We acknowledge the many First Nations, Métis, and Inuit whose footsteps have marked these lands for centuries. We recognize this land as an act of reconciliation and gratitude to those whose territory we reside on or are visiting.

What to Expect in Store & Online

What started as a shop for corsets has grown! Our shops have a huge array of alternative and goth clothing, a wide range of alternative plus size clothing and lingerie, rave wear, goth and alternative office-friendly clothing, unique sexy lingerie, bridal wear and lingerie, incredible accessories, and outfits for dancers.

Our customers are typically fun people who appreciate looking unique, making a statement, and expressing themselves. Many of our customers are burlesque artists, drag queens, exotic dancers and adult entertainers, influencers, and alt/fetish models. We truly have something for everyone who wants to stand out, be unique, and express their personal style.