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Pride is here! As a business founded on acceptance, self expression, and inclusivity, it is one of our favourite celebrations and is close to our hearts!

We’re also so excited that pride is coinciding with so many of us getting our vaccines, and talk of things getting back to normal is becoming more common. We are days away from the proposed loosening of some restrictions that will see small gatherings allowed, so if you’re planning a pride get-together and looking for ideas, here are some of our suggestions to get your outfit started!

Face Jewels

An accessory that goes with everything! These jewels are beautiful with makeup, but are also fantastic on their own. If you want you’ve always wanted to do bright, flashy makeup but aren’t sure where to start, you can completely fussing with makeup and just use these jewels for a bold, colourful look! They come in a huge variety of colours and shapes, so there’s something for every style!


Face Jewels

Rainbow Pride Flag Wings

This is one of our staffs’ favourite pride accessories! Aside from being a super bold statement that turns heads, it’s also just incredibly fun to wear for dancing, parades, and being out and about. The best about these wings is how versatile they are. You can literally wear them with anything- be it with a casual pair of jeans and tshirt or a crazy, flashy rave look- and they will look great!


Rainbow flag pride wings

Switch up your look with a wig!

Women, men, and everyone in between: You don’t know the fun you’re missing if you’ve never worn a wig! Pride is all about self expression and acceptance, so it’s the perfect time to try one out and let yourself get wild! We carry bold wigs in a variety of solid colours and rainbow colours, or, if you want to try doing drag, we have a bunch of gorgeous natural looking wigs that are perfect for both seasoned and baby queens!


Pride wigs