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With COVID currently affecting the world, Halloween this year is a whole new game. Rather than planning for a night out with a lot of people, this year’s options are small gatherings of people in our bubble, or virtual parties on chat services like Zoom. Depending on how you’re going to celebrate, there a few things to keep in mind while planning your Halloween costume.

What’s your Halloween party style?

Even though parties should only have a small amount of attendees, that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth dressing up for! So what are you, your friends, or family planning? Will it be a fun house party, an intimate night with your partner, or a cozy night in with friends eating snacks and watching spooky movies? We may not be able to go out, but there are still so many ways to make the most of

Costumes for Spooky Halloween Movie Night

Just because you’re hanging out on the couch doesn’t mean you can’t dress up! Movie nights are all about comfort, which opens up so many fun costume possibilities! Try dressing up as a quarantined version of a classic Halloween character. For example, put on a vampy robe over your favourite cozy shirt, then pair it with some comfortable spooky print leggings. Put on some light makeup and a little blood trickle coming from your mouth, and you’ve got a vampire stuck in quarantine!

Alternately, putting on a few costume accessories, like from this Harley Quinn accessories kit, rather than a full blown outfit are a way to have fun wearing a Halloween costume without going all out! And who knows, maybe by next year, you can add to the accessories you buy for this year to make a complete costume for 2021!

Living Room Halloween Dance Party

So many of us really miss the fun getting to go out and dance with friends. There’s nothing stopped you from doing that in a living room though! Just push your couch and coffee table out of the way, cue up your fave playlist, and go for it! If you and your friends are planning something fun like this, something major to remember is that space is still tighter than what we’re used to from clubs and venues, so if you want a costume that’s fun to dance in, pick something flashy, but not too large.

These butteryfly wings are a great compromise between fun to dance in and practical, or show off a cute, holographic mermaid looks with this shiny dress or mermaid headpiece accessory kit. The best part of Halloween costumes and accessories like this is that they’re still great for going to clubs, parties or raves even when it isn’t Halloween! So when it is finally safe for clubs and raves to re-open, you’ve got some cute new looks ready to go.

Virtual Online Halloween Party

Thanks to Covid, virtual parties on Zoom or other video chat apps have never been more popular. If you’re going this route, we suggest focusing on an costume that looks catchy and fun from the waist up. Striking accessories like elegant flower crown horns or a gold snake Medusa headpiece that can be worn on your head are a great option as they will be highly visible. Large statement necklaces like this jewelled gothic bat wing choker can also take your outfit go to the next level, or grab an iconic mask like this Catwoman mask to make a costume that’s instantly recognizable.

No matter what your plans, don’t let Covid get you down. We’re all in this together and will make it through this!

Best wishes for the spooky season!
XO – Nightshade Staff